Jon Skywalker
Jon Skywalker is a 23-year-old fitness model and comedian. Jon started social media at the age of 18 during his first year in college, and has used his personal social channels to share his passion and inspire thousands. At the beginning of his fitness journey, Jon stood 6’ 4” but only weighed 145 lbs. One day he made the decision to start hitting the weights. As Jon stopped growing in height, his body began packing on pounds of lean muscle much more efficiently than in his younger teenage years. Within the first year, Jon made an incredible body transformation and it motivated him to fully pursue fitness and aesthetics as a career. Jon has now dedicated his life to testing his limits and demolishing obstacles with the goal of motivating as many people as he can with his inspirational story. As Jon continues to pursue his dream of aesthetics, he has gained the support of hundreds of thousands of people, which he admits is a truly humbling experience. Jon is currently a college student, studying International Business and living in Anaheim, California. While on the path to earning his degree, Jon has established himself in the fitness industry, earning sponsorships from FATE and other well-known fitness brands. During Jon’s spare time he takes on personal training clients and is passionate about helping them develop a workout and training regimen that will help them transform their bodies and more importantly the quality of their lives.
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