Scott Herman

Don’t miss meeting Scott Herman, a top fitness YouTuber with over 1.8M subscribers. Scott will be at the Iron Bull Strength Booth. (Booths 1420/1422/1424)

Scott Herman is a fitness model, entrepreneur and social media celebrity. He is a well-known face on YouTube, who has dedicated his life to building an enviable physique and helping others build theirs. Scott began to work out at the early age of 12 years and continued throughout his teenage years.

When Scott entered his final year of college, he had built an enviable physique and decided to make a name for himself in the fitness world. He entered the Men’s Health ‘Iron Abs” competition and succeeded in winning.

Scott was selected from a pool of approximately 50,000 to 70,000 applicants and landed a place on a show called ‘The Real World’ – a reality TV show. He was chosen to his toned physique and “surfer look”. He enjoyed the role greatly.

With the confidence he gained in his acting role and Iron Abs victory, Scott decided to start a You Tube channel to help other people reach their fitness goals. He managed to build this page into one of the most popular channels on the website.

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