At ENLIGHTENED, we believe that food should make you feel as good as it tastes. We push the boundaries of conventional snacking in order to bring you delicious and nutritious products that are beyond just “better for you.”

In 2013, we created our ice cream bars as our first attempt to meet that mission. When they began flying off the shelves, we knew we had found our people--those who were just as dedicated to nutrition as they were to eating good food.

Suddenly we were thinking much bigger. What if ENLIGHTENED could create a healthy, higher-protein, lower-sugar alternative to every craving? We rapidly innovated new healthy snacks meant to satisfy every salty and sweet tooth: Ice Cream Pints, Broad Bean Crisps, and Marshmallow Treats.

And that’s what we do at ENLIGHTENED: we “enlighten” your favorite treats, elevating them beyond glorified junk foods with empty health claims. Instead of just reducing calories, we replace sugar and fat with protein and fiber and use quality ingredients to make your favorite indulgences nutritionally sound.

For us, being ENLIGHTENED is about finding balance in every day and having fun in every moment—and bite.

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