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Fit Army is more than just a fitness website, or a gym wear, it’s a community of people of all kinds that share the same passion: physical power. Our bodies are more than what they seem, more than bones and vessels and muscles. They are a source of energy and power that allow us to go beyond our limits and to reach impossible heights. Together, we can reach new levels of power. Sky is not the limit!

We’ve gathered trainers and athletes from different branches of the fitness, powerlifting and cross fit industry. They are here to help you push yourselves, to push your limits and help you with the tools and motivation that are required to reach your goals. With the Fit Army training and nutrition programs, success is only steps away!

We want to help people get the tools and support they need to reach their fitness goals and to push them even further. We all lack a little motivation sometimes and from there, we can throw away all the efforts and time we had put to get to where we are. That’s where Fit Army’s community is key in helping you stay focused and motivated to reach your objectives. With our online support, training and nutrition tools and guidelines, failure is not an option. We are here to help each other, to push our limits and get in shape!

Every workout provided on our website was tested on people like you and me. We’ll have challenges and group conversations in our private member’s area, and private Facebook group, where you will have access to all coaches online.

We honor athletes for their athleticism for their performance for their dedication and knowledge not for their followers or network we pride ourselves on being a power team a team of athletes that got together for the fun of it, a combination of several different sports yet when we get together we just work together as a team, we teach and train each other so they can excel in our domain as well, and the most important part…. We look good doing it wearing one of the most comfortable active wear out there, the gym wear we’ve created is based on performance, comfort and fashion, so the gymnast can do his back flips and splits so the calisthenic can freestyle with a jogger, and the cross fit athletes can perform without the range limitation and the lifter can lift all he wants knowing he/she is wearing one of the most comfortable active sports wear there is, and that was the reason why it was created.

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Fit Army Apparel

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