PrOATein Bars

PrOATein are passionate about health, fitness and wellness. That’s why they created PrOATein, all natural nutritional bars. For years, they were looking for the perfect meal replacement or in between meal snack bar – one that satisfies the needs for someone active and on the go while fulfilling the nutritional requirements of a meal.

They were set on a mission to create a great tasting protein bar with wholesome nutrients and the perfect carb/fat/protein ratio.

When creating PrOATein bars, their priority from the start was that their bars achieved the highest standards of quality and consistency. To ensure this, they used ingredients that were all natural. Then they sourced the best source of carbs to incorporate – Oats! After including Whey Protein Isolate, they created the perfect bar by ensuring it was not only low in Saturated Fats, but also High in Fibre!

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